Altera Corp.

Altera Corporation is the pioneer of programmable logic solutions, enabling system and semiconductor companies to rapidly and cost effectively innovate, differentiate, and win in their markets. Altera offers FPGAs, SoC FPGAs, CPLDs, and ASICs in combination with software tools, intellectual property, embedded processors and customer support to provide high-value programmable solutions to over 13,000 customers worldwide. Altera was founded in 1983 and had annual revenues in 2010 of US$1.95 billion. Altera is headquartered in San Jose, California, and employs approximately 2,600 people in 19 countries. Forging the next evolution in electronic design, Altera® reprogrammable solutions deliver fast time to market and an advantage over costly, high-risk ASIC development and inflexible ASSPs and digital signal processors. Altera offers value to a much broader market than was previously addressed by programmable logic products.

Web výrobce: www.altera.com

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Altera's Product Selector, a parametric product selection tool, allows you to find and compare the specifications and features of our FPGA, CPLD, and ASIC devices, intellectual property, and development kits. You’ll have the ability to filter down to specific products based on your own search specifications, and then compare products side-by-side by filtering the criteria you choose for analysis.

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