HV vysokonapěťový zdroj Glassman ER Series 300W

ER Serie vysokonapěťový regulovaný programovatelný zdroj 300W 1kV až 75 kV Modely

- Air Insulated. As in all standard Glassman power supplies, the ER Series features "air" as the primary dielectric medium. No oil or encapsulation to impedeserviceability or increase weight.
- Constant Voltage/Constant Current Operation. Automatic crossover from voltage or current regulated mode dependent on the load conditions.
- Low Ripple. Better than 0.02% of rated voltage at full load.
- Tight Regulation. Voltage regulation better than 0.005% line or load: current regulation better than 0.05% from short circuit to rated voltage.
- Fast Transient Response. Less than 3 milliseconds for a 50% load transient.
- Front Panel Controls (Analog and Digital Versions). Ten-turn voltage and current controls with locking vernier dials. AC power ON/OFF and high voltage enable switches.
- Remote Control Facilities.As standard, all ER Series power supplies provide output voltage and current program/monitor terminals, TTL high voltage enable/disable, safety interlock terminals, and a +10 volt reference source.
- Small Size and Weight. ER Series power supplies consume only 3.5" of vertical panel height. Total weight is 18 pounds.

- Efficiency: Typically 85% at full load.
- Output: Continuous, stable adjustment, from 0 to rated voltage or current by panel mounted 10-turn potentiometers with 0.05% resolution, or by    external 0 + 10V signals is provided. Linearity is <1% of rated. Accuracy is 1% of rated + 1% of setting. Repeatability is <0.1% of rated.
- Stored Energy: 20 kV model, 1.5 joules; 60 kV model, <4 joules.
- Voltage Regulation: <0.005% +1mV/mA, line and load.
- Ripple: <0.02% RMS of rated voltage +0.5V at full load; models 1.5kV and lower, 400mV (500mV Japan).
- Current Regulation: <0.05% from short circuit to rated voltage at any set current.
- Voltage Monitor: 0 to +10 V DC for zero to rated current. Accuracy, 1% of reading + .1% of rated voltage.
- Current Monitor: 0 to + 10 V DC for zero to rated current. Accuracy, 1% of reading + .05% of rated current.
- Stability: 0.01% per hour after 1/2 hour warm-up, 0.05% per 8 hours.
- Voltage Rise/Decay Time Constant: Typically 50 ms rise or decay time constant (300 ms for 75 kV model) using HV (on/off) or remote voltage control with 75% resistive load.
- Temperature Coefficient: 0.01%/°C.
- Ambient Temperature: -20 to +40°C operating, -40 to +85°C storage.
- Polarity: Positive, negative, or reversible with respect to chassis ground.
- Protection: Automatic current regulation protects against all overloads, including arcs and short circuits. Fuses, surge-limiting resistors, and low-energy components provide ultimate protection.

- Accessories: Detachable 8-foot shielded HV cable (see Model Chart for cable type) and 6 foot detachable line cord provided.

- Remote Controls: Common, +10 V reference, interlock, current monitor, current program, voltage monitor, voltage program, TTL, and ground, provided on a rear panel mounted terminal block.

External Interlock: Open off, closed on. Normally latching except for blank front panel version where it is non-latching.

HV Enable/Disable: 0-1.5 V off, 2.5-15 V on.

Options Symbol Description:

100   100 V input, rated 90-110 V RMS, 48-63 Hz.
220   220 V input, rated 200-264 V R MS, 48-63 Hz.
400   48-420 Hz, available on standard model and options 100 and 220.
DM   3-1/2 digit LCD panel meters.
NC   Blank front panel (power switch only).
CT   Current trip. Power supply trips off when the load current reaches the programmed level. This option has a rear panel switch that selects either "trip" operation or current limiting.
ZR   Zero start interlock. Voltage control must be at zero before accepting an enable signal.
SS  Slow start ramp of up to 30 seconds available. Specify time.
GE9 RS-232 control and monitor.




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