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Fiber Optic Interfaces/Media converter, Fiber Optic Emitter, Fiber Optic Receiver, Fiber Optic Transceiver, Fiber Optic Repeater, Fiber Optic Diode housings, Fiber Optic Connectors and terminal connections, Fiber Optic Couplings and adaptors, Fiber Optic Cable, Fiber Optic Cable assemblies, Fiber Optic Coupler, Fiber Optic Measuring equipment/testing equipment, Fiber Optic Tools and tool sets Fiber Optic Accessories, Fiber Optic for building systems


Ratioplast Optoelectronics GmbH

Manufacturer for industrial applications of fiber optic, components and transmission systems


Product Catalogue 2015



Fiber Optic Interfaces/Media converter and power supply units Fiber Optic Interfaces/Media converter and power supply units

RS232, RS422, RS485, TTY, TTZ, Ethernet, power supply units

Fiber Optic Transceiver Fiber Optic Transceiver

650nm, 850nm, 1300nm

Fiber Optic Transmitter Fiber Optic Transmitter

Housed diodes 650nm, 660nm, 850nm

Fiber Optic Receiver Fiber Optic Receiver

Housed diodes 650nm/660nm, 650/850nm, 850nm, 190/400...1100nm, 1300nm

Fiber Optic Diode housings Fiber Optic Diode housings


Fiber Optic Connectors Fiber Optic Connectors

Fiber optic connectors F-SMA, F-ST, HFBR, RP-02, F-05, F-07, SC, SCRJ, LC, DIN41626, D-Sub

M12 M12

Fiber optic M12 connector system

M27 M27

M27 Fiber optic system connector

RP-02 RP-02

RP-02 System FO connector, transceiver & converter

Fiber Optic Couplings and adaptors Fiber Optic Couplings and adaptors

F-SMA, F-ST, HFBR, E-2000, clamp coupling, TOCA150, TOCA250, simplex, duplex, hybrid

Fiber Optic Terminal connections Fiber Optic Terminal connections

Components with terminal connection, Clip-on plugs, RPOpto-clamp

Fiber Optic Cable Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic cable, polymer optical fiber, PCF, Multicore, hybrid cable

Fiber Optic Cable assemblies Fiber Optic Cable assemblies


Fiber Optic Measuring and testing equipment Fiber Optic Measuring and testing equipment

Optical power meter, signal-generator, microscopes, continuity tester

Fiber Optic Tools Fiber Optic Tools

Cutting pliers and crimping tools, wire-stripping pliers, disassembly tools, polishing discs, cleaving and cutting tools

Fiber Optic Tool sets Fiber Optic Tool sets

Polymer Optical Fiber, Polymer Clad Silica Fiber, Glass Optical Fiber

Fiber Optic Accessories Fiber Optic Accessories

Bend protection boots, dust protection caps, crimping sleeves, Sticklers® fiber optic cleaning products, polishing films and discs, adhesives and epoxy curing equipment


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