měniče střídače invertory pro fotovoltaické elektrárny Due to the growth of photovoltaic market, it is becoming increasingly important for inverters to participate in grid management. Zeversolar always focus on medium-voltage research before, but now more and more safety standard requires inverters to be with the function of grid management. So Zeversolar develops a new research project of grid management. In 2012, customers would find more and more Zeversolar inverters’ design complies with the requirement of low-voltage grid. Through many years operation, Zeversolar inverters have been applied in many markets including Germany, Australia, UK, Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Czech, South Africa, China, and so on.

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Zeversolar inverter varies from 1.5kW to 1MW, and the design is diversified according to the different customer’s requirements. For example, high conversion efficiency, wide MPPT voltage, low turn-off voltage, multi-MPPT design, graphical display, one button update, multiple monitoring mode and so on.

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