Type E-1048-S6xx

Type E-1048-S6xx


The E-T-A Solid State Remote Power Controller (SSRPC) E-1048-S6xx is an opto decoupled transistorised switching device providing both protection and signalisation.

It may be used wherever safe switching and protection of resistive, inductive or lamp loads in DC voltage systems is required.

Technical Data

Voltage rating DC 24 V
Operating voltage DC 18…36 V
Number of poles 1-pole
Signal outputs fault indication via opto coupler (N/O contact)
Status indication ON indication
fault indication
Mounting method rail to
EN 50 022-35×7.5
when used with socket 17-P10-Si (accessory)


Order number Description
17-P10-Si/-20025 sockets
17-P70-Si/-20025 sockets
23-P10-Si socket
63-P10-Si socket
X20040901 adapter for socket 16 for

track mounting

X21058801-04 Connector bus links -P10

01 = 1.5 mm2 brown


02 = 2.5 mm2 black


03 = 2.5 mm2 red


04 = 2.5 mm2 blue

X21115701/02 busbar for mounting socket

01 = with terminal


02 = without terminal

Y30382401 insulation sleeving for busbar
Y30872901 retaining clip


  • (Steel industry)
  • Automation
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Mechanical engineering
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