Type Economy Power-D-Box®

Type Economy Power-D-Box®


The Power-D-Box® is a compact 2RU power distribution system (2 rack units). The redundantly designed system accommodates 8335 or 8340-F magnetic or hydraulic-magnetic plug-in type circuit breakers.

The busbars as well as the group signalisation are insulated in a moulded enclosure, so that live parts cannot be touched. Connection of loads is from the front via blade terminals which are protected against reverse polarity. Besides various preferred types, we can offer individual solutions, perfectly tailored to your application.

Technical Data

Mounting method racks
Circuit breaker type hydraulic-magnetic
Dimensions height 2U (88.9 mm)
installation depth 150 mm
width 19 (482.6 mm)
width ETSI (531.4 mm)
Max. rated voltage DC -80 V
Number of channels 2 x 2 redundant
2 x 4 redundant
2 x 6 redundant
2 x 8 redundant
For circuit breaker type 8340-F
Supply redundant
Signalling Break contacts connected in parallel
Terminal type of auxiliary contacts
Further technical data are available upon request


Order number Description
X22262501 load output terminal
X22284701 load output terminal
X22284801 load output terminal
Y30856311 blanking piece 8340, 8345
X22254711 withdrawal tool


  • Automation
  • Telecom & Datacom
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