Type REF16-S

Type REF16-S


It provides selective protection for all DC 24 V load circuits at a width of only 12.5 mm. This is achieved by a combination of active electronic current limitation in the event of a short circuit and overload disconnection at typically 1.25 times rated current. Plugged into an E-T-A socket, which is available with screw terminals or screwless terminals, the REF16-S provides ease of installation. The sockets allow power distribution and signalling via plug-in type jumpers. In addition the REF16-S latches on when plugged into the socket and by means of coding pins a clear assignment to current ratings or slots is possible. Dimensions are in compliance with the standard DIN 43880 for the installation of built-in units.

Technical Data

operating voltage DC 24 V (18…30 V)
Voltage rating
Current ratings 0.5 A
1 A
2 A
3 A
4 A
6 A
8 A
10 A
Number of poles 1-pole
Current limitation typically 1.25 x IN
Signal output potential-free signal contact max. DC 30 V / 0.5 A, min. 10 V / 10 mA (make or break contact), Plus-switching signal output (+ 24 V))
Status indication 1 LED green/orange/red: status/fault
Temperature range -25 …+50 °C
Terminal design blade terminals 6.3 mm
Mounting method on socket 80/81plus
Certificates CE-logo


Order number Description
80PLUS-PT01 socket 80plus
81PLUS-UT01 socket 81plus
Y31062401 Busbar, red, 2 poles
Y31062501 Busbar, red, 4 poles
Y30882311 Busbar, red, 10 poles
Y31062402 Busbar, blue, 2 poles
Y31062502 Busbar, blue, 4 poles
Y30882312 Busbar, blue, 10 poles
Y31062403 Busbar, grey, 2 poles
Y30882313 Busbar, grey, 10 poles
Y31062601 coding star, red, 4 coding pins
X22297750 label


  • Automation
  • Automobile production
  • Chemical, Oil & Gas
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Pharmaceutical & Food
  • Power Engineering DC 24 V
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