Type SVS24-08-001

Type SVS24-08-001


The new power distribution system type SVS24 meets all requirements of the automation technology with regard to reliable overcurrent protection and optimised current distribution. An integral consistent communication of operating and failure conditions as well as switching and resetting of individual circuits of the DC 24 V level via the signalling module SIGMO-24-001 (I/O-Connect) make the SVS24 an intelligent power distribution system on the control level.

The track-mountable power distribution system SVS24-08-001 distributes the voltage potentials supplied by a DC 24 V switch-mode power supply to 8 slots and selectively protects the connected loads by means of the plugged in circuit protector type REF16-S114.

Supply terminals of the DC 24 V supply are spring-loaded terminals and designed for a total current of 40 A. Use of the SIGMO-24-001 (I/O-Connect) allows control of 8 ways via 2 inputs and the compressed signal of all status conditions via an output to a superordinate PLC by means of bit pattern.

Technical Data

Mounting method DIN rail
Circuit breaker type electronics
Max. rated voltage DC +24 V
For circuit breaker type REF16
Supply non-redundant
Supply terminal type 10 mm²
Spring-loaded terminals
Terminal type of loads 2.5 mm²
Spring-loaded terminals
Operating temperature range 0 … +50 °C
Further technical data are available upon request
Certificates CE


Order number Description
0P360N000004 SIGMO-24-001


  • Automation
  • Mechanical engineering
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