72 and 110 V Input Transportation FIAMs

We’re really excited to announce that we will be launching our new 72 and 110 V Input Transportation FIAMs early next month. In preparation for that launch, please find below the overview information for the products. As soon as a launch date has been finalised we’ll let you know.

What is it?

The Transportation FIAM modules (FIAM072 and FIAM110) are DC front-end modules designed for rail applications providing transient protection, inrush current limiting and EMI filtering (EN50121-3-2) in a Mini-size package. The Transportation FIAM modules enables designers using Vicor 72 or 110 Vin Mini, Micro, or Maxi or VI/VE-200 and VI/VE-J00 (‘T’ or ‘4’ input) DC-DC converters to meet the transient immunity and EMI requirements required for the rail industry and protect system hardware from inrush current. The FIAM072 accepts an input voltage of 43-110 Vdc and the FIAM110 accepts an input voltage of 66-154 Vdc. Both provide up to 500 W of output power and remote on/off control.

What are the main features and benefits?

What models are available?

Two versions of this product are available:

Where is it used?

The Transportation FIAM modules have been designed primarily for the rail industry, but they can be used where Vicor 72 and 110 Vnom DC-DC converters are used and similar input filtering is needed.

What is the price and lead time?

Domestic pricing for 72 and 110 V Transportation FIAMs are as low as $81/ea. (C-grade) in 100 piece quantities – pricing for most configurations can be found in the SRC. These modules are now available and lead times can be less than two weeks for prototype quantities.

Who are the main competitors?

The main competition for the 72 and 110 V Transportation FIAMs are primarily custom designed filters that are built “in-house” or by third parties. In general, most competitors have a limited offering when compared to Vicor’s proven product line, which includes many more options. Unlike some of these competitors, Vicor has participated in the rail market for many years, and the ruggedized product platform which is standard for Vicor is a natural fit for these applications.

What support material is available?

Vicor’s website has already been updated to include the MIL-COTS VI Brick Filter. In addition we have:

Also available is a short presentation in PowerPoint format, which provides an overview of this new product along with its features and benefits. You can find it on the SRC. Any problems, please contact your local RSM.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need additional information.

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