Challenges in power distribution, high density DC-DC converter, filter input attenuator modules – Vicor Power Blog Newsletter March 2012

Vítejte v březnovém vydání Vicor Power Blog Newsletter. Tento měsíc Vicor zasílá příspěvky do diskuse o výzvách v distribuci energie plus představení řady nových produktů zahrnujících DC-DC měniče s velmi vysokou výkonovou hustotou, nové filtrační moduly specielně navržené pro použití v drážních „railway“ aplikacích.

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March 2012
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Welcome to the March round-up of posts from Vicor PowerBlog. This month we have posts discussing different challenges in power distribution, plus the introduction of a number of new products. These include a very high density DC-DC converter, new filter input attenuator modules designed specifically for railway applications and a lift-and-drop, application-specific power module.

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New Filter Modules for DC-DC Railway Applications »
Vicor’s Filtered Input Attenuator Modules (FIAMs) are designed for power systems engineers needing front-end EMC filtering and transient protection without incurring excessive costs, delay or demands on space.

Isolated DC-DC ZVS Switching Converters Halve Power Density »
Vicor’s new Picor Cool-Power PI3106 isolated DC-DC converter delivers breakthrough density for industrial and military applications.

Power Distribution Solutions for Densely-Populated PCBs »
As electronic PCBs become more densely packed and supply rail voltages proliferate, delivering the right power to all on-board devices with optimal space and power efficiency becomes essential. This article looks at the developments in power distribution architecture and device technology that allow designers to achieve this optimization.

Power Design Optimization using Application-Specific Power Modules »
With advanced, performance-critical applications in computing, telecom, and other markets, there is a great need for new customized high performance solutions that fully optimize power system design. Read more about the new products developed by Vicor Custom Power Design Center, NPI.

Distributed Power Architecture: What’s the Problem? »
Since the 1980s the bricks of distributed power architecture (DPA) have delivered the classic functions of DC-DC converters (isolation, voltage transformation and regulation) to the point of load. But at a price in terms of premium space and cost. Read more about why this has happened.

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