E-T-A Adjustable Electronic Circuit Protector ESX10-S for industrial automation & automotive industry

Protection of DC 24 V control circuits in industrial automation, e.g. in the automotive industry, in power plants or the steel industry, in machine construction and process control.

The ESX10-S is a single pole electronic circuit protector with well-proven plug-in termination for selective protection of DC 24 V load circuits which are powered e.g. by switched mode power supplies. The current rating of the electronic circuit protector can be adjusted by means of a thumb wheel from 1A to 10A in 1A steps.

Thanks to the new versions, the benefits of the ESX10-S„. can new also be combined with intelligent power distribution systems.

The versions ESX1O-S115… and ESX1O-S125… are compatible with the bus-capable power distribution system SVS16 … .

The versions ESX10- S114…, -S117… and -S124… can be operated with power distribution system SVS05 .. . or the power

distribution module 17Plus.


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