E-T-A Appliance Inlet Module X3120 & X3130

A new combination module with overcurrent circuit breaker and C20 resp. C14 appliance inlet helps to systematically reduce single components. This is a major factor of success for a cost-saving design

The new appliance inlet module type X3120 & X3130 bines three functions in one unit: a C20 resp. C14 appliance inlet with a rocker-actuated or pushbutton-actuated circuit breaker with integral overcurrent protection. This creates additional space in the target products and allows the design of extremely compact products.

The function of the ON/OFF switch and of the integral overcurrent protection is in this module provided by the two-pole circuit breaker/switch combination type 3120. The rocker actuator or the push buttons can optionally be supplied with illumination and in a range of colours.

Typical applications

electro-medical equipment

laboratory equipment

professional audio devices

office machines

Reduction of single parts: Make one out of six

In appliances which have to have double pole protection (e.g. medical equipment), the new appliance inlet module X3120 replaces two fuse holders, two blade fuse inserts, one rocker switch and one appliance inlet, i.e. a total of six single components. The X3120 significantly reduces material planning time, storage costs as well as mounting and wiring time. Mounting is by means of screw-type mounting and ratings up to 16 A (IEC) and 20 A (UL/CSA) are possible. The carries VDE, UL and CCC approvals and is thus suitable for global use.

DATASHEETS X3120 & X3130

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