E-T-A X3120-A Power Entry Module

The appliance inlet module X3120 with circuit breaker type 3120-F5/-F7/-F8 combines up to four functions within a single component: C14/C20 appliance inlet + rocker-actuated or push button switch and resettable overcurrent protection and a filter. Screw-type allows mounting from the front or from the rear.

An extremely versatile range of rocker switch/thermal circuit breakers (S-type TO CBE to EN 60934 with trip free mechanism) offering the choice of single pole, double pole with single pole protection, and double pole with protection on both poles. Designed for snap-in panel mounting with versions available for three different panel cut-out sizes. Illumination is optional and there is a range of colours and markings for the rocker.

Add on modules:

* Under voltage release coil (for double pole versions only).

* Magnetic trip coil for short circuit protection.

* Magnetic trip coil for remote relay trip.

* Auxiliary contacts for status signalling.

Approved to CBE standard EN 60934 (IEC 60934).

Meets the requirements regarding fire resistance of EN 60335-1 : 2007-02

Safety of household and similar electrical appliances.


Motors, transformers, solenoids, extra low voltage wiring systems, office machines, electro-medical equipment, power supplies, communications systems, medical equipment to EN 60601.


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