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Vicor to present high-performance modular power conversion solutions for xEVs at WCX 2023

Apr 14, 2023

High-density, scalable, modular power systems solve electrification power conversion challenges

Kodiak integrates autonomous technology into commercial trucking fleets

Jan 10, 2023

Kodiak Robotics long-haul trucking autonomous technology, the kodiakDriver, includes a modular hardware system, known as SensorPods™, that integrate the majority of sensors needed to “see” its environment using the truck’s traditional mirror-mount points.

Vicor demonstrates highest power density automotive solutions for xEVs at WCX 2022 in Detroit

Mar 29, 2022

High-density, power modules reduce automotive power system size, weight and component count by up to 70%

Vicor introduces the DCM3717, a 750W regulated 48V-to-12V converter with 97% peak efficiency

May 21, 2020

The new DCM3717, a regulated 48V-to-12V converter. The new DCM operates from a 40 – 60V SELV input, is non-isolated and provides a regulated output with a range of 10.0 – 13.5V, a continuous power rating of 750W and a peak efficiency of 97.3% in a 37 x 17 x 7.4mm

VICOR 800V Ultra High Voltage Bus Converter Module

Jun 18, 2019

The 800V BCM4414 is a 1.6kW, isolated, 1/16 fixed-ratio, bus converter module (BCM®), that can operate from a 500V to 800V input voltage, to deliver SELV output voltages with 97% peak efficiency. The new 800V module complements the existing Vicor 700V BCM4414, to create a family of products with reinforced isolation (4,242VDC) and bidirectional voltage conversion capability. The BCM can be easily paralleled into higher power arrays and the SELV outputs can be stacked (connected in series) for higher output voltages.

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