Nový On Line nástroj pro výběr vhodného řešení DC-DC (VI Chips, IBCs, BCMs) v sekci PowerBench

Umožňuje rychlý a snadný výběr vhodného řešení z kategorie nových produktů VI Chip, IBCs, BCMs, přímý link na katalogový list a aplikační manuály potřebné pro návrh DPS.

New online selector and simulation tool is now launched and available in Vicor’s PowerBench online design center

It enables power designers to quickly and easily select the most appropriate solution from our range of new DC-DC products (VI Chips, IBCs, BCMs).

But what makes it different from all other tools in the industry?

The selected products can be put through any of a choice of 7 simulations (including thermal, steady state, and EN shut down) to allow the designer

to optimize the products in operating conditions unique to their specific application.

To begin with the simulations are available for our IBC products only.  But we are expanding the functionality to include additional products shortly.

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