GRAU Elektronik GmbH

DC/DC, AC/DC a DC/AC měniče a zdroje pro drážní (railway) aplikace.

The company Grau Elektronik GmbH was launched in September 2001 in Neuenbürg near Pforzheim. Already two years later, for growth reasons, the company relocated to Karlsbad into its own business building.

The product spectrum contains DC/DC, AC/DC and DC/AC converters with an output power range from 1 W to 10 KW, as well as customized power solutions and EMV services. Grau Elektronik is a leader in the German and European market with the emergency starter modules for railway applications. These units have an input voltage range of 700 V to 5000 V = with output power capabilities of 150 W to 350 W.

Grau Elektronik engineers have a long experience in power electronics, switch mode power supplies and converter technology. Detailed knowledge in the EMV sector ensures the quick realisation from the concept to production.

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