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Vicor Introduces 10kW Power Tablet™


VICOR 10kW Power Tablet™ 3-phase, AC-DC converter

Vicor releases bidirectional 48V/12V NBM Converter for data center and automotive applications


Vicor Corporation today announced a bidirectional non-isolated fixed-ratio converter for hybrid 48V/12V power systems in data center and automotive applications.

GRAYHILL Inc. Touch Encoder Intuitive Tablet Based Development Platform


GRAYHILL Inc. Introduces new Touch Encoder CAN Bus resp. USB Connected

VICOR´s new family of 20 Amp 48V Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulators


Vicor introduces the first in a new family of 20 Amp 48V Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulators

Excelsys CoolX 600W Fanless Power Supply


Revolutionary new Fanless CoolX Power Supply 600W

E-T-A X3120-A Power Entry Module


The appliance inlet module X3120 with circuit breaker type 3120-F5/-F7/-F8 combines up to four functions within a single component: C14/C20 appliance inlet + rocker-actuated or push button switch and resettable overcurrent protection and a filter. Screw-type allows mounting from the front or from the rear.

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